Tusam D. Clide

Let your thirst for evergreen be fashionable

To those whose strangeness enhances my strangeness

Don’t be bewildered by
persistent strangeness
blooming out of yesterdays.
Scowling curiosity of maturity
infinitely stresses
better(proper) attitudes
better(proper) possibilities.
Well, there are nights
usually comes in a cluster
better(eternally) suited for regrets
hopefully there better (ephemeral) motives
for better(limited) tomorrows 
are born
then witted.

For now, 
restless must be the heart
reckless must be the brave
and forever toxic your dreams 

Fathom a better(various) necessity.
Everything chances a necessity
Equip with better(forever) excitement
for better (forever) tomorrow.
Employ the better(best) purpose
for your better(best) strangeness

Your life remains and awaits
to be a better(rare) metaphor


Miming Project Studio, 2014 Autumn
Mimi, 2014 Autumn
Three Yous, 2014 Autumn
With Yoo Sisters, 2014 Autumn

Mimi, 2014 Autumn

Miming Project at Kunkook University Flea Market, 2014 Autumn 

Miming Project Studio, 2014 Autumn

Johnny Song, 2014 Autumn 

With Jae Ha Ryu  

Tusam D. Clide at Miming Project Flea Market


an Autumn Afternoon with Parents

Miming Project Flee Market at Kunkook University 

Two years I waited

Inevitable circumstances 

and unfortunate misbehaves of time

extended my frustration  

at same time,

created a strange dependency

on its promiscuous, assumed ability to more than suffice 

my patience, my imagination 

and so phenomenal it is